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16356: Martine Zoer: Question about tradition from Haiti (fwd)

From: Martine Zoer <martinezoer@yahoo.com>

I am doing some research for a children's book I am working on and I am wondering if any of you could shed some light on a Haitian tradition. I am trying to find out what children in Haiti do with their tooth after a baby tooth comes out?

I heard that the children throw their tooth on the roof. While doing this they tell the rat that they are giving it a beautiful tooth and expect an old tooth in return. They say the opposite of what they mean to trick the rat into giving them what they really want: a nice new tooth.

Is this what happens? Does it matter what roof the tooth is thrown on? Does the child say anything in particular? Is the child by itself or surrounded by family?

I appreciate any insight you might be able to offer!!

Thanks, Martine

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