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16422: Edouard: Question on Miami Herald-Haitian town sees brighter days ahead (fwd)

From: Felix Edouard <loveayiti@hotmail.com>

As the President of Sogener is known to be a close associate of Aristide. I
was wondering if Michelle Karshan would  tell us how the selection is done
to provide such a service to the Haitian government. Is it a qualification
process, competitive bid and/or RFP?  Also, does Aristide  (or any other
official) have any ownership interest in this company? As we all know Haiti
is always full of rumors. I say set the record straight beforehand.

Don't get me wrong, I'm 100% behind the private sector providing many of the
services we have today in Haiti. I think the people will get better service,
we will see less waste and corruption; However, transparency is the key and
opportunities must be must exist for all.

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