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16566: Javier: Venezeula student needs help

rom: javier <javierabella@icnet.com.ve>

[Please note:  Javier is not a list member, so please write him directly


thanks,  Bob Corbett]

I am a student from Caracas, Venezuela, working on my thesis proyect
looking forward to obtain my degree in History. I am working the relations
betwen Haiti an The Dominican Republic during the 1822-1844 period, when
Jean Pierre Boyer ruled Over the whole Island. The title of my Thesis is:
Haitian-Dominican conflict (1822-1844) Unification or Domination? I have
found several books about this subject but all of them (except one) are
from Dominican authors, so I need material that express the Haitian
opinion about this subject. There are no materials like these here in
Venezuela, that is why I need some help from you.

Thank you for any help you can give me. (Sorry for my not so good