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16621: jacqui: public works

>From Jacqui Labrom voyageslumiere@haitelonline.com

The amount they’re spending is on a big billboard is more than
gourdes – about US$700,000. They are doing a really good job and the
first part up to Pelerin 6 is a joy now. But as David Lyall says, they
have to
find some way to limit the weight of these trucks. They ought to have a
weighing plate just before they turn out of Boutilliers and limit it to a
reasonable weight. Its what other countries do in order to protect the
However much money they spend on fixing the roads and even if they did
maintenance it still won’t help if they don’t limit the weight
not only those trucks, but also buses and tap taps – apart from the
that they are ruining the roads they are also ruining their vehicles
but they can’t see it. It’s a short term mentality –

Jacqui Labrom