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16939: Laleau: Louima

From: NLaleau@aol.com
Subject: Re: 16927:  (Hermantin) Miami-Herald-Abner Louima,
     Good Works dominate life o...

Dear Leonie--Thank you so much for this magnificent posting. It should be
broadcast very far and wide to let people know that not all Haitians are
damaged by poverty and oppression that they forget their brothers and
I wonder how Abner Louima became the person he is today. I am sure it
just start in that police station. Perhaps someone could fill us in on how
one person has managed to keep his eyes and his heart open to his
and women. Perhaps we could have more stories about Haitians who have
surmounted the desperate individualism that often afflicts people whose
survival is threatened. --nancy laleau