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17004: Ray: Disabled Awareness Week (fwd)

From: Matt Ray <mray@novell.com>

Port-au-prince, Octobre 3,2003

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Dear  Friends

we would like to begin by thanking you for taking the time to look at
the work we are doing in Haiti.  For over two years, our organizations
have come together in order to heighten awareness, education, and
integration of the physically disabled in Haiti.

Our annual Awareness Event will be held the week of November 17, 2003,
with two major events on Friday 21st, and Saturday 22nd.  This year, the
theme is the Family and will focus on the families of those who are
disabled, providing them with support and education, as well as
continuing the promotion of self-reliance and autonomy among the
population we serve.

The week of events will include radio and TV interviews to create more
awareness of the reality of the disabled in Haiti, and open houses of
both foundations.  In keeping with the Family theme, a special day for
children which will be held on Saturday 22nd at Sun Auto ,Tabarre road.
Transportation will be provided for school children in the
Port-au-Prince area, as well as from the provinces, for a full day of
activities, food and games, a health education booth, organized in
collaboration with the Red Cross, and musical entertainment.  Our week
of activities will culminate Friday 21st at the El Rancho Hotel with a
live auction organized by Georges Racine Auctioneers, and local and
international entertainment, including a performance by Native American
Navajo Dancers and the musical group H’Sao, originating from Chad, now
living in Canada, who are donating of their talents to this event.

We believe that on the eve of Haiti’s Bicentennial, it is an
excellent occasion for the international community and friends of Haiti,
such as yourselves, to show your solidarity with over 10 percent of the
Haitian population, which is disabled.

Once again, we hope to see you in Haiti for these events. Hotel
accommodations at a special rate are available at EL Rancho Hotel,
located in the lovely hills of Petion-Ville, above the city of
Port-au-Prince. We will gladly make hotel reservations for you and your
party if you confirm by email before October 26rd.

_____________________					_________________________
Gina Ferrus Duncan						Nadège
Robertson Tippenhauer
Healing Hands for
Haiti					Fondation Espoir
40 rue Babiole, Pacot						75,
angle rues Faubert & Pinchinat, 2ème étage
Tél.:  245-2534 / 260-5708					Tél.:

Brief Joint History of Healing Hands for Haiti and Fondation Espoir
March 2002 - Our first joint event is held in Pembroke Pines, Florida.
The Musical Soiree, featuring Jon Robertson, symphonic conductor,
pianist and Chair of the Music Department at UCLA, Sergui Schwartz
violinist, and visiting professor at Lynn University and Claudio Jaffe,
cellist and Dean of a the Music Conservatory at Lynn. The event raises
awareness of what both foundations are doing in Haiti. Contact is
established with various Miami based doctors, medical professionals,
politicians and non-profit organizations interested in Haiti.

May 2002 - Healing Hands for Haiti and Fondation Espoir begin work on a
documentary to show during Haitian Disabled Awareness Week. In keeping
with our belief that music is a wonderful means to transmit a noble
message, we invite ACCORDS, an association that promotes musical arts in
Haiti, to partner with us in organizing the event. Haitian artists such
as Strings and Beethova Obas agree to perform and be spokespersons for
our campaign. Internationally renowned artist, violinist Sergio Schwartz
and a young Japanese pianist, who is blind, Yuki Nagasaki join Jon
Robertson, in agreeing to do two benefit concerts. Well known Haitian
painters such as Edouard Duval Carrie, Phillip Dodard, Pascale Monnin,
Gregory Vorbe, Michelle Manuel and many more donate paintings for an art
auction that is organized in partnership with ArtMedia Haiti.

September 2002- Healing Hands for Haiti and Fondation Espoir launch the
Awareness Campaign. The week of events include a strong media presence,
a press conference, open house visit to the Paco clinic, and the
inauguration of the Sonia B. Green Center for Rehabilitation and
Education, located in Carrefour. The week culminates with the Gala
Concert and Haitian Art Auction. Thanks to all the artists present, the
generous hosts El Rancho Hotel and the masterful décor of Jean Sambour,
the night is a resounding success.

Octobre 2002- Launching of the School Integration Project which aids
disabled children in returning to school and provides vocational
training for youth and adults. This program allows the disabled child or
adult who has benefited from Healing Hand for Haiti medical
rehabilitation care program the ability to attend educational or
vocational programs to achieve self-reliance in the home and community.

June 2002 - Jeune Ayiti lauches program for young people, which
promotes leadership, entrepreneurship and civic participation. The
investment fund facet of the Jeune Ayiti program will provide financing
for eligible grass roots organizations working with the disabled on
projects such as bakeries and artisan workshops, which reinforce
autonomy and socio-economic integration.

Matt Ray
Healing Hands for Haiti Foundation, Inc.
4212 Danube Court, Bakersfield CA 93308
661.588.4400 - phone
801.516.0168 - efax