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17007: BRice:Re: 16986: Vilaire: Re: 16984: Haitian soccer and youth development (fwd)

[Corbett notes:  I am posting Brice's post below as a reply to
Vilaire's argument, but I won't be following it up with discussion that
about soccer that is not MAINLY directed toward soccer INSIDE Haiti.

From: Bob Brice <bobbrice@hotmail.com>

In reference to Vilaire's post, though some of those listed african
countries might not have had youth soccer programs per se prior to their
World Cup appearances and successes; they, however, had people/leaders with
vision and connection to european clubs so that several of their players
were identified early on and moved to Europe to be trained and modeled by
club like Rennes, Metz and Monaco, etc... in their junior/youth programs and
get them the necessary football and language skills that they'd need in
their future pro football career.