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17009: Marassa and ED1 and streams of my consciences (fwd)

From: DeSprit Marassa <lwasauvaj@hotmail.com>

Marassas want to know who ED1 worked for recently. Which projects have ED1
completed for Government? Haitian; Canadian; American? If so many peeple
knew ED1's "doublure" (i.e. DEA, U.S. Embassy..but not Canadian embassy, of
course) how many big gwo projects for the right peeple did ED1 complete?

How many tonnes of the 18% did ED1 haul around in the big dumptrucks with
the blue and white ED1 decal? Who is on ED1 payroll officially?
unofficially? Ketant gone. ED1 gone. is still 18% going up noses in U.S.? if
no change how come?

why is Marassta aksing dis kwestion? same reasons they asked about ED1 in

Marasta feels like she's had an en"lightenened" trip...ha ha ah ah for
enlightened travellers....

by the weigh, can Chuck Arthur answer Marassta's questions about Aristide's
security detail?
after all, why do the mercenaries have state department clearance? the
answer is.....(drum roll)...
that Aristide IS the American's man....as long as "...50,000 people aren't
putting their leaky boats into the sea"...(name that lyric if you can...!!!)
  meanings Monsieur Tabarre is in the seat of power unfettered till everyone
tries to leave or a good replacement emerges.....gots ta have de stability,

'sides. Dubya and jeb and 2004..big year for second run...if Dubya wins in
2004 (de mille kat fwa pi belle) Titid a goner...baby.

so...the repeating island has run another lap....free trade zones
not surprizing, really...after all, it's always been about controlling
labour....Tainos to indentureds to slaves to...the fruits of
emancipation....and free trade...

me gade mize m'ap pase ou travay wo!!! korige!!!


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