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17020: Du Tuyau: On Vacation (fwd)

From: ViandeMoulue@aol.com

Dear Missers Leonie Hermantin with all newsclips nice stories Haiti,

I sorry for telling to you that I serious. I am vacationning since for two weeks now. I trip for my vacation to T-Hawaii, sorry, THawaii, and I saw dancing people-ladies around turning, turning, turning, turning, and turning. I had headache because my head going to follow right-left, right-left-left-left-then right again; then in the middle of the right and in the middle of the left. Oh!!! Nice vacationning.

I come back to list for Doc. Corbett, and I see questionning about beauty-Haiti girls. You asked, in a message like this:

<<My request to members of the list is to help us come up with a description/definition of what determines the standard of beauty in Haitian culture in the context of  a woman’s body shape.>>

Okay, okay, okay... but I answer in all seriosity.
In beautiful girl Haitian, she has to have:
-Shape. No Pepsi-but Coca-Cola shape bottle;
-A little plump-ness make the head go coo-coo better.

If girl is Marabou, you know, between coffee color and milk bottle, she beauty Haitian. That is if she has:
-Nice dark jansiv violèt -gum little dark with teeth white;
-Smile charming;
-Eyes dark and sweet;
-Voice acute and fragile;
-Pace of walk like the floor is full of eggs she has to be carefullness.
Then, she walk like THawaii dancing girl in my vacationing: left-right-left-right ... I can see my head turning every little single time.

Then my little heart beats small, then faster little bit, then faster-fast, then faster-fast; then FAAAAASSSSST!! I lost completely at that point. If she know how for dancing a good Kompa at a bal-ball with Gérard Dupervil music, Ti Manno charmed voice in "kole-kole-kole (tight-tight-tight)", Koupe Kloure's vulgar funny-ness, then I am in angels with all the angels in the beautiful skies of God. But you know, Missers Hermantin, I still can't find the UFO's.

Du Tuyau for all the Princessita Haitian girlie-girls. Oh I like, like, like them these girls Haitians. Hmm-hmmm. Yummie.