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17028: Marassa on Floridated politics and deus ex machina. du tuyau? (fwd)

From: DeSprit Marassa <lwasauvaj@hotmail.com>

ok let us deuxdous a few factoids:

1) Jackie Ketant arrested by DEA
2) Eliaubert Jasmé (ED1 for Canadian ambassade know nothings) arrested by

both arrested by DEA in haiti and shipped off to U.S.
notice that first time aristide publicly thanked by U.S. embassy? ED1
arrest, no such thanks. Why is this? What is the difference between the two

does this mean that U.S. has de facto interdiction rights in Haiti?
does U.S. have control over faction of PNH? mind you with all those american
visas held by every lavalassien and his tonton, can't be too surprised

Ketant has been singing like a konbit in the early morning sun...is ED1
going to sing the same tune?
nothing like 25 to life to focus the mind.

marassa thinks that as long as Aristide keep the leaky boats out of
floride...state dept. mercenaries will stay on making dix mill dix fois U.S.
to keep the little guy alive. then deus ex machina when they come for little
guy and sit him across from Manuel from Nicaragua...of course they both
accused of mental badness and vodou worshipping....seeing the simihilarities

maybe Arthur is correct? maybe HERO is part of wider hemispheric strategy
against ASIA. As long as Titid willing to play free trade zone game and
bring de merchandise back for assembling in Drouillard and Ouanaminthe he is
obviously on the team, no?

why nobody on list answering these questions? Viande Moulue, where are you?


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