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17029: Labrom: 17018 - Database for visitors (fwd)

From: jacqui Labrom <voyageslumiere@haitelonline.com>

When I worked for Maryse Penette Kedar in the Sec. of State for Tourism
office I asked several times if we could not get a database set up for
visitors, because the numbers of people coming into Haiti are very
confusing. If you asked the Tourism or Immigration office how many visitors
there were coming in any one year they would give you the figure which
The Royal Caribbean Cruise line passengers (about 5000 a week!!), the
Diaspora, people who come to work with Mission groups ......and then
tourists!! So its impossible to know how many of each of these groups are
coming in.  Believe me the Cruise ship passengers, the Diaspora and the
mission groups are the biggest - certainly not the tourists - shame shame.

But even though the Caribbean Tourist organisation would have given them a
program of a database they felt they didn't have the resources to implement

But remember Lance when you're talking about people writing clearly on a
form - you have to remember that there are many many Haitians coming back
in, particularly the older folk who cannot read or write. Probably many of
you have done like me and helped them out in filling out all the forms on
the plane.

Jacqui Labrom


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