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17030: Lyall: that air crash (fwd)

From: j.david lyall <j.david@lyalls.net>

A few days ago I met a friend of Fritz's, just hanging out on the street,
leaning on cars and talking. He is a pilot for Tropic Air. I asked him
about that crash in Okap a few months back.

He said that the front baggage compartment door opened and baggage
fell out into the props. Said bagay was propelled by the prop into the
passenger compartment, penetrating the plane.
The passengers panicked, not unreasonably, and most of them got
out of their seats and ran to the back of the plane to escape lethel

Well, when 15 people run to the back of a small plane like that
something happens. The plane noses up and stalls.
So, it fell like a brick from lack of lift due to bad weight distribution.

I found it interesting, perhaps someone else will too.

J.David Lyall