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17037: Reid: Haiti search: Amazon.com's new feature (fwd)

From: Ralph Reid <rafreid@yahoo.com>

Since 1987, I have been entering the keyword "Haiti" in various
library computer terminals, bulletin boards and web search engines
just for the pleasure of seeing what comes up. Over the years, I
have read Haiti related material that I found useful, funny, obscure,
inaccurate or just plain offensive.

Yesterday, AMAZON.COM announced the "Look Inside the Book" feature.
This new feature allows you to search the content of millions of pages
from millions of books.

For example, with the recent October 17, I wanted to look-up the word
"Pont-Rouge". I entered the keywords "Dessalines" and "pont-rouge".
The result links lead me directly to a copyrighted material page of
a book that would not have come up using conventional search.

To me that's a whole new level of search. I also tried "Soulouque",
"Dartiguenave" and "Benoit Batraville". Go to amazon.com and give it
a try, it's worth it.

ralph --

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