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17042: Pierre replies to Corbett

From: Sajousp@aol.com

In a message dated 10/25/2003 1:48:09 PM Central Daylight Time,
corbetre@webster.edu writes:

I think you argument simply makes a falacious assumption in the real
world:  there is in fact this pile of money TO DO WITH WHAT ONE WILL.
Rather, I am arguing is that the pile of money that goes into such a trip
to Haiti is money motivated in significant measure by the desire to have
this experience itself.  To the extent that argument is true, the money is
not there for the hypothetical argument you and Hudicourt make
Hudicourt wrote:

"Mission groups are tourists.  They come to see the poverty and want to feel
useful .They are just a different kind of tourism.  If they just wanted to
the cost of their trip to Haiti would be donated and they wouldn't come."


It seems to me that we are all in agreement as stated above. I didn't and I
don't think Hudicourt did after I reviewed her post that Haiti has a choice.She
simply stated that mission groups should be classified as tourists.Do you
object to that?