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17047: Nicole: Re: 17041: Pierre: Reply to Corbett and Corbett replies to Pierre (fwd)

From: Coulter Nicole <nicolecoulter@hotmail.com>

I have to reply to this discussion.  For 7 years our organization has been
taking teams to Haiti.  Most of the people who go, go again and again and
support the work being done there.  This is because our teams (American) foster
real relationships with the Haitian teams and look forward to seeing them again
and helping them.  Also, I agree that if you take a team of 10 people down, to
do a construction project for example... it is unwise use of the money because
usually there are Haitians (unemployed) standing around watching.  But, there
are many skills we can teach in Haiti, things that will make a big difference
in their lives- rather than trying to learn masonry in a week.

The most important thing though, is that Mission groups bring HOPE to the
people of Haiti.  When a team of 10-12 people (our average team) shows up in a
remote area of Haiti, the people know we are there to help them.  We certainly
don't go to Haiti for tourism or a cushy vacation- we go to share God's love in
action.  That is why the people respind so positively to us, just being there,
just taking that difficult trip means so much to the people- I believe it says
wow- someone cares that our children are dying- the world has not forgotten us!