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17091: 17070 Independence celebrations (fwd)

From: "Jaqueline Labrom (Migration)" <voyageslumiere@haitelonline.com>

The Director General of the min. of Culture says that the main
Independence celebration which wil be held on the 1st of Jan, will be
at gona´ves with a Te Deum in the Cathedral and then speeches etc. in
the Gona´ves newly renovated Place.

The 1st of Jan. therefore will be just the normal 1st of Jan.
independence day celebrations in PauP

The 2nd Jan. they will have a parade downtown - but I understand that
probably is a parade of police and possibly school children.

What will be interesting later on in the year is I think in August -
the celebration at Bois Ca´man - they`re going to have a Drum Festival
and bring in drummers from all over the world to be alongside our good
Haitian drummers.  Sounds wonderful - just a bit far away for those
who live in PauP.

As I get more information - he`s supposed to be sending me a calendar
of events - I will pass them on to you.

Jacqui Labrom
Voyages Lumiere