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17100: Saint-Vil Re: Lessons for Haitians in Dallaire's courageous testimony... (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>

In response to the good folks who replied attempting to discredit Pina’s
article without making any effort to identify where specifically they disagree
with his statements or why, I offer the following statements I addressed to a
fellow Haitian, on a related discussion:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =
"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

 “All I know is this. The world in which we live today is full of criminals.
Some of them do walk the streets bare foot and belong to the category of folks
considered "guilty for sure until proven innocent by a jury of strangers". But,
if you ask me which criminals represent the greatest threat to our lives today,
without hesitation, I will tell you it is not them but rather the three-pieces
suited cowards who use them to execute far more people every day while hiding
comfortably behind their privileged status as "innocent until proven guilty
beyond (a gigantic moutain of self-generated doubt)".

So, brother it is your choice if you want to believe the hype and swallow the
latest CIA's sponsored study that proves Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK with a
single bullet, shattering his brains and causing multiple bullet wounds all
over his body....while, at the same time, accepting the latest NCHR report
which, apparently cites cases of journalists who have been forced into
exile....yet can be seen working in Haiti....
http://www.ahphaiti.org/ndujour.html  (Oct. 29, 2003)

Meanwhile, Haitians continue to count bodies...and so far they all look like
you and I. The three-piece suited 'innocents' continue to laugh all the way up
in their air-conditioned offices.

When will we point the finger at these tie-wearing CHIMÈ ! Or will we forever
behave like our Affranchis forefathers who sacrificed the maroons to benefit
the interested applaud of the colons?

This is not about Metayer...it is about Rwanda 1994, Sierra Leone 2003 and if
we don't get our act together soon enough...CNN might soon focus its cameras on
Haiti 2003, while the helicopters take-off to go rescue "western citizens" from
the land of the blacks.”

Source: http://www.haitiforever.com/windowsonhaiti/annpale.html

Since this is second time I am making this reference to helicopters coming to
rescue « wetern citizens » when the pre-arranged fratricide begins to get out
of hand,  and since the last time brother Simidor qualified this statement as
« fancy » talk, I offer to the list this testimony by General Romero Dallaire,
author of " Shaking Hands With the Devil. Perhaps the words of a “blan” will be
more convincing…

“They came in to evacuate the white men and the odd Rwandan who was politically
well suited to what they want. As an example the French evacuated the bulk of
the president's family who were not necessarily the nicest people on earth. And
so all the expatriates within five days picked up what they had, left the
Rwandans who had served them for years, decades, who raised their kids, left
them to be slaughtered behind and went back to Brussels and Paris and all these
other places."

Romero Dallaire, interviewed by Ted Koppel

So folks, I am not writing these things in a vaccum or because I am yet another
paranoid “conspiracy brother” who sees CIA everywhere in Haiti.  The facts are
here for all to verify. The track record is evident. We can either, in this
generation, assume our responsibilities towards the survivors of the MAAFA or
we can do like the “societé des amis des noirs” did with their hypocritical
gestures to simply help “improve” the conditions of slavery.

Romero Dallaire spoke before, during and after millions of Africans had been
set into a frenzy of fratricidal violence leading to genocide. Those in power
did not want to listen to his calls. Many, myself included, have been doing
what we can, with the means at our disposals to help prevent and stop the
fratricidal violence set in motion in Haiti for many years now…but, some prefer
to complain about the nice roads they are surprised and annoyed not to find in
Petion-ville so they can cruise in their rented jeep… It's a matter of

Now, here I am writing this and someone just alerted me to the fact that AHP
has just published an article claiming that the 15 days old baby the opposition
claimed to have been burnt to death by Police and “Lavalas Chimères” in
Gonaives, is nothing less but a big lie and that the woman said to be the
mother of the “slained” baby declares that she had an abortion more than 2
weeks ago. http://www.ahphaiti.org/ndujour.html (Oct. 31)

So who should we believe? I don't know yet. However, since Chamberlain asked
whether “none of these things are really happening at all, but are simply
"spin," which can either mean outright lies or at best intentional twisting of
the facts.”; I can only invite the real investigative journalists to please do
their job and tell us, at least in this particular case, whether the lie cometh
from Lavalas or from the National/International regime change camp.

 Please, dear friends of Haiti , don’t come back only with rhetoric or clichés,
especially the journalists who are supposed to work with facts that support
their reports, rather than hearsay.

Mèsi davans !


«Depi nan Ginen bon nèg ap ede nèg!»

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