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17104: Marassa to Pina and Arthurian legend (fwd)

From: DeSprit Marassa <lwasauvaj@hotmail.com>

Marassa remember close to year ago that he watched television and big nasty
confrontation outside of Bureau d'ethnologie between Pro-Titids
lavalassiennes and those pesky loud mouthed students. Lo and behold, but who
is on nat'l television keeping those chimere at bay? Monsieur Pina. but he
wasn't with the students (a sad number of who were beaten/intimidated/ te fe
mawon) and some killed. no he was outside with the crowd. He was also at
Nations Unies plaza when they beat civil society peoples and pissed on them.
I would tell you to go to Telemax to see footage, but likely Titid himself
would answer the door. So, marassa is axing herself why Pina is writing for
Black commentator that CIA led propoganda campaign is lying about Titid's
chimeres? Pina knows them. Pina has tried to stop them from killing
convergence people, anti-aristides, et. al.  Mind you he used them before
the coup d'etat in 91, didn't he. Used them to deliver tires to unagreeables
in parliament, he did. can the leopard change his spots?

Monsieur Saint-Vil wants to believe that chimeres are figments of
imperialist/racist media empires based in washington. Lyall and many others
KNOW that chimeres exist...they here, they there, they everywhere. some of
them have nice dreds. mostly they get drived around in SUV nissan patrols
with stolen license plates. sometimes they colleck zombie cheques from
teleco. or they demonstrate outside office of public works demanding payment
for putting the rigwaz to good use.  or they work for Cimo , or PNH or
Mairie of Port-au-Prince, or Rene Civil. Or Jocelyn Privert or Jonas Petit.
mostly they terrorize for moneys. sound familiar? it should. saint-vil can
come to haiti and visit with us. we will introduce him to "imperialist"
journalists who know the chimeres and who have seen the guns. how do the
guns get into country and into hands of OP's. Well, who controls ports and
douane? not so difficile.

You see, Titid made it very clear lass year that OP's better get in line
with program or they become oh so expendable like. Felix Bien-aime from
Martissant. They disappear him last September. Riots for two weeks in
Martissant..a no go zone. Now, everybody in OP's watch this closely. They
make sure they keep galils and AR15's close to them. Why? Because now they
know that Kiben Metayer ap danse on the other side of Gede, now that Ketant
and ED1 in Floride looking at long time in jail. Now they know that loyalty
to Lavalas means nothing. Which means it never did.

Saint-Vil want to know who were willing to die 4 Titid during coup d'etat?
During embargo? Want to know who were patiently waiting their turn in the
cold stream while sitting in the hot sun watching the Villas and Visas and
Nissan Patrols pass them by? Brigad Sivil during embargo.
martissant/Carrefour. We believe we have reached tipping point. Gonaive call
to arms answered in carrefour. Who else will hear petwo drums? drums of
Kongo? drums of war? impeccable timing, non?

I hope we are wrong. too many gone already.

Desprit san espwa

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