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17112: Vishnusurf replies: Re: 17099: Ives asks Vishnusurf re post 17094 (fwd)

From: VISHNUSURF@aol.com

sure thing, kim ives.
i think that micha gaillard and evans paul are quite above reproach, just to
name two who stand out as convergence leaders and a couple of the brightest
political lights in haiti.  they have surely risked their lives in the true
struggle, which i think quite obviously is for freedom, justice, and human dignity
in haiti.  there are lots of other folks i could list, though my time is
limited this morning... i think in particular of people who led the fight for
democracy and human rights while aristide was in exile cleaning out the haitian
government's treasury to enrichen himself and his lobbyists... in particular
intellectuals and student groups who were excluded from OPL when aristide
returned and who watched with dismay when he proceeded to destroy the left.

if there is some other alternative than the convergence, i would like to hear
about it.  if you are talking about dupuy and company, i hardly see the
alternative there, though i could be wrong.  i also think that most members of the
convergence are involved with misgivings, but they percevie of their challenge
as so great that they must put aside differences between, say, former FNCD
and MDN ideologies to promote some kind of meaningful change in haiti. i believe
there are even some former RAMIRES folks in the convergence, some of whom
surely are not above reproach, but they are embraced because the convergence
obviously takes seriously one of aristide's favorite catch-words: reconciliation.

with all due respect...

kwaze zo na gran chemin, sonje vyann te kouvri'l.