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17121: Nekita making an observation (fwd)

From: Nlbo@aol.com

Dear Corbeteers,
I would like to make this observation. It just came to mind that Haitians who
were either born here, or came in the U.S under the age of 18, have gone to
school and educated in this country are not involved in the Boston Haitian
community, be it organizations, social servie agencies, media, or church. Does
anyone else notice that? I  migrated to Boston 30 years ago.
For instance in Miami and Long Island I know of Haitians who came here in
l946 or born here in l951 who are still active in the community . Brooklyn,
Queens also have these Haitians who were either born here, came here as a child or
a teenager,  active in the Haitian community, sharing ideas and are an
integral part of their community. Boston may a few of these categories, but not
enough to say that we have a full blown US educated Haitians who know the system,
the global society actively involved in the Boston community. Sometimes they
are guest speakers in  events, but not directly involved on a day to day affairs
of the community.
I think a community needs an intergerational paradigm to really be productive
or efficient in this society. In other words, we need people who know the
system, who understand the global world to also have a voice and be an integral
part of a diasporan   community.
Is this my observation?