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17127: Vishnusurf: Re: 17106: Lakata47: The Trials of Haiti by Tracy Kidder (The Nation) (fwd)

From: VISHNUSURF@aol.com

wow, this guy has alot to say, now that he is an expert on haiti and all...

just one comment in response:

ARTISTS and INTELLECTUALS should ALWAYS be listened to very closely.

kidder seems to think that the such folks in haiti are disconnected from the
poor... how untrue !

having taught at the state university of haiti, i know that many of the
country's intellectuals are not from the elite, and anyone who knows haitian art
can attribute to the powerful influence of the poor in its genius.  so, my plea
is this: do not dismiss intellectuals and artists in haiti as elites (like we
might very well be dismissed in the USA)....

for me, all this essay does fis make me now uninterested in reading kidder's
book on farmer. thaks to Lakata for posting this and helping me better
economize my time.

later, dude...