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17136: Arthur: How many Haitian-American soldiers killed or wounded in Iraq? (fwd)

From: Tttnhm@aol.com

Now that we are informed of the official figures that that since the
beginning of the occupation of Iraq over 120 US soldiers have been killed and more
than 7,700 have been so seriously wounded that they have had to be flown to a
military hospital in Germany, my question is does anyone know how many of these
are Haitian-Americans?

The only information that I have on this matter is a Haitian Times report
dated 2 July 2003, which read:
"A Haitian-American soldier was one of the two found dead near Baghdad June
28, after a three-day disappearance. Gladimir Philippe, 37, an Army first class
sergeant from New Jersey, was among the Haitian-American soldiers deployed to
Iraq for the war."