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17152: Arthur: Gotson Pierre on Post-Feminism, the Market and the Media (fwd)

From: Tttnhm@aol.com

Gotson Pierre of AlterPresse and GRALIP took part in a forum discussion,
"Post-Feminism, the Market and the Media". The full discussion can be viewed at

Here is a sample:

Q. What has been the effect of (these) new media representations of men and
women’s lives on feminist politics and the struggle for women’s rights?

Gotson: During the last 15 years some progress has been made in Haiti with
regard to gender issues and this is also the case for many countries of the
developing world. The official political discourse now recognises both men and
women. This is a big step forward for a country where in the mid-1980s no gender
specificity (and therefore women) was ever taken into account. Beyond the
discourse it is evident that even today women are still marginalised from the
political sphere and decision-making in general, but they are less invisible than
in the past. The results achieved (whether big or small depending on the
country) have been the consequence of dedicated struggle. However slim or fragile,
the capacity of women to win more and more space in media circles has
strengthened their struggles and allowed them to project a different image of
themselves. It is difficult to imagine, for example, that the 2000 World Women March
would have had much impact without women’s ability to invest in the local,
national and international media.

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