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17173: Re: 17169:Saint-Vil agrees with Chamberlain re FRAPH genesis (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>

Chamberlain wrote:

"The FRAPH did not appear until 1993, either in official or unofficial form. It
was created/sponsored by a group of senior army officers."

Yes, to be precise, a group of army officers on CIA payroll, right?

As described by investigate journalist Alan Nairn an by William Blum..

"FRAPH, actually a front for the army.... spread deep fear amongst the Haitian
people with its regular murders, public beatings, arson raids on poor
neighborhoods, and mutilation by machete. FRAPH's leader, Emannuel Constant,
went onto the CIA payroll in early 1992 and, according to the Agency, this
relation ended in mid-1994. Whatever truth lies in that claim, the fact is that
by October the American Embassy in Haiti was openly acknowledging that
Constant-now a born-again democrat-was on its payroll.

    The FRAPH leader says that soon after Aristide's ouster an officer of the
    US Defense Intelligence Agency, Col. Patrick Collins, pushed him to
    organize a front that could balance the Aristide movement and do
    intelligence work against it. This resulted in Constant form ing what later
    evolved into FRAPH in August 1993. Members of FRAPH were working, and
    perhaps still are, for two social service agencies funded by the Agency for
    International LDevelopment, one of which maintains sensitive files on the
    movements of the Haitian poor." (excerpted from the book Killing Hope by
    William Blum, http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Blum/Haiti_KH.html

So, while it is accurate to speak of FAdH-CIA-FRAPH terror after the 1991 coup,
when refering to the September 1991 coup itself, it is more accurate to speak
of CIA-FAdH coup d'Etat, not FRAPH, since this particular instrument of
terrorism (WMD) was still in the womb then.

Thanks for the correction M. Chamberlain.


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