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17178: Re:loveayiti on Pina and Distortion by US Media (fwd)

From: love haiti <loveayiti@hotmail.com>

It's amazing how Pina (who is believed to be on the government payroll) can
point to the demonization of Metayer by the US Media (Wilentz, Regan and
Gold) and speak of how he was a freedom figter who sufferd under the
Military yet minimize how it's Metayer's own supporters who now protest
against Aristide and blame him specifically for Metayer's brutal
assasination. He also speaks of how Aristide supporters are never mentioned
in the US media.
I think the largest group which remains truly absent in the media are those
who are sick of Aristide, Convergence and anarchy in Gonaive. All who driven
by the thirst for power, vengeance, money and hate. No one speaks about
moving the country forward as Haiti fall further behind the rest of the

We spend so much time talking about the past and never think of the present.
The future remains irrevelant. Pretty sad.

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