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17174: Burnham: Re: 17164: Saint-Vil Re: 17148: Linda, Visit to Haiti (fwd)

From: thor burnham <thorald_mb@hotmail.com>

Saint-Vil writes about Linda Ballard's comments:

"Now mind you, we all accustomed to seing all kinds of errors in articles
writeen about Haiti in english (Jean-Baptiste Aristide, Toussaint Louverture
declaring Haiti’s independence in 1804, a full two years after he’s been
murdered by the French etc…)… however your piece may just have too many
mistakes per square inch."

Let's see. "A full two years after he's been murdered by the French...",
makes Toussaint dead on Jan 1st 1802, if I understand you correctly.
On January 1st of 1802, when Saint-Vil claims he had already been murdered
by the French, Toussaint was very much alive. Indeed, he was at the height
of his political power, having named himself governor for life in July of
In February of 1802, Leclerc and the soon to be dead soldiers show up in St.
In early May, Toussaint surrendered and retired to his plantations.
In June, 1802 Christophe and Dessalines--while working for the French to
crush rebel resistance-- helped denounce Toussaint, after which he was
kidnapped and deported to France.
Toussaint died in April, 1803 of pneumonia. (at minimum, obvious negligent
homicide, to be sure).
Meaning he died approximately 9 months before independence was declared, NOT
two years.

Thor Burnham

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