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17186: Dorce: Re: 17095: (Chamberlain) re 17089: Saint-Vil Re: (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 11/1/03 1:00:36 PM Pacific Standard Time, Greg Chamberlain

>>The first paragraph of Pina's article in the Black Commentator of 30
 October says that:   "politicization of the Haitian police force, Lavalas
 organizations cast as armed gangs, and government corruption" are "the main
 themes of media spin cycling through the press today."

 Thus, according to the author, none of these things are really happening at
 all, but are simply "spin," which can either mean outright lies or at best
 intentional twisting of the facts.

 The rest of the article  is even more entertainingly
The journalist's protector (unless the journalist is a progressive one) tells
us that spin it isn't and off the wall Pina is.  But he doesn't tell us what
isn't spin and what about what Pina writes is off the wall and why.  I can't
tell if he is right or wrong.  More of that derision, ridicule and discounting
without any substance or reason.  Seems like there's your spin!  Folks, do not
let anyone tell you what to think before you make up your own mind about it.
They are doing it in the US too.  Beware.