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17193: Dorce: Re: 17142: Raber: Re: 17139: Kathleen: Re: 17126: (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 11/5/03 6:13:00 PM Pacific Standard Time,  P&M Raber

>Kathleen wrote:
>" I was in Haiti, in the Central Plateau, May 2000. I saw lavalas with
rifles  leveled at prospective voters; others did too.
<< I witnessed much of the same in the Leogane area.  In addition, the ballots
 were stolen at gunpoint after dark after the international observers had
 left.  Why would Lavalas be so stupid as to  steal something they knew they
 would win? >>
This is an excellent question.  I wonder how Kathleen and Raber knew the bad
guys they witnessed were Lavalas?  Did they have Lavalas on their t-shirts?
Were they otherwise marked as Lavalas?  Did they say they were Lavalas?  Is
there ANY possibility that these were people trying to discredit the elections??
Why indeed would Lavalas do anything so stupid?  Very, very good question.
Thank you for asking it.

Kathy Dorce~