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17194: HCR: National Convention of Haitian Nationals and Friends of Haiti in June in Atlanta (fwd)

From: HCR Information <hcrinfor@hcronline.org>

National Convention of Haitian Nationals and Friends
of Haiti in Atlanta in June
Please select Weekend of June 19 or Weekend of June 26
or both
Please reply with the selected date by November 22,

Two summers ago, Dr. Bob Maguire and Mr. Jerome Lebleu
organized a Haitian Symposium at Trinity College in
D.C, and the idea of organizing a similar one in
Atlanta was born. Last October, we managed to organize
a successful Haitian Symposium in Atlanta.
Again, during that Sympo, I saw serious networking
taking place and another idea was born: Organize a
National Convention of Haitian Nationals and Friends
of Haiti.
Theme: Linking Haitian Nationals, Haitian
organizations and friends of Haiti under a national
platform in the Diaspora.
The Jews and other ethnic groups have been doing it
for quite some time. We are just duplicating it and
making some changes to fit our need.

The mistrust that may exist among us is fictional and
it is due mainly to a lack of interaction. If we open
the door of communication and start talking to each
other, we will bring down that barrier. Most of us are
working independently, sometimes on the same project,
and our resources are extremely limited. We end-up
working more and spending more energy for a minimal
result.  The wheel has already been invented. There is
no reason to reinvent it or create another one.

In linking together and not creating something new, we
will show that we can work together while respecting
each otherís territory. This is very important.
Establishing a link in which people feel very secure
is a win-win approach for all of us. One needs to use
diplomacy, and should have good understanding skills
to maintain a bridge that can keep the link afloat.

Now, imagine we link ourselves together and create a
greater Haiti. Your simple, local project can become a
national one overnight.

Everything you see in this world comes from an idea,
but it takes dedicated and committed people to make it
Today, over 30 millions people travel from Douvres or
Cheriton (London)  to Calais or Coquelles (France)
under water in less than 20 minutes, that idea was
originated during Napoleonís era (1802),  and at that
time, we did not have that technology.  But the Euro
tunnel is more than a technological exploit. A long
time ago, La Manche represented a barrier that
protected London against any invasion but at the same
time it kept London in complete isolation. Today, the
Euro tunnel joints London to France and from France to
Germany, to Belgium, to Holland and to the European
continent. It is a symbol of a United Europe.

Thank you, for your willingness to take part.
As a delegate you will have the responsibility to
choose a National Representative for the Haitians in
the Diaspora.

Again each of you has a major talent in which you can
do better than anyone else. Some of you are good in
public relations, in management, in education, in
motivation and coordination. We together have the
necessary skills to make thing happen in the greater

The only role I will play is to facilitate all of you
to meet and discuss things together, establish a
natural link among yourselves, and ipso facto
selecting a person/group to represent you at National

The initial positive response is overwhelming:
Ladies and Gentlemen: the National Convention of
Haitian Nationals and Friends of Haiti will take place
next year in Atlanta.

Why Georgia and not Florida, Miami, or New York where
we have a heavy Haitian presence? Because Atlanta is
located 3 hours from Savannah, where our ancestors
fought for the freedom of this great country.  Who can
forget the Siege of Savannah on October 9, 1779? If
our ancestors did not intervene, the outcome of the
war would have been different. Georgia has a
historical connection with Haiti and we need to use it
in a positive way. We are forever friends with the
Americans. Today, many Haitian-American feel that the
Haitian immigrant should have received a special
treatment in our adopted country. I strongly believe
this will come one day. Be patient.

Pretty soon, the Haitian historical society is going
to have a groundbreaking ceremony for the Haitian
monument in Savannah, on December 6, 2003. This will
be followed by an inauguration on October 9, 2004. Who
could have imagined this 20 years ago? Thanks to the
hard work of Mr. Daniel Fils-Aime, Sr., the founder of
the Haitian American Historical Society, the
groundbreaking ceremony will take place and you should
be part of it. http:// www.haitianhistory.org

Today we see the emergence of the Haitian league under
the leadership of Dr. Bernier Lauredan, which has the
propensity of becoming a powerful organization similar
to the United Way;  http://www.haitianleague.org ; No
one should underestimate the Hard work of Noah under
the leadership of Dr. Baptiste,
http://www.noahhaiti.org and the Simeus Foundation who
sponsors free health care to our needy in Haiti.  Now
you see the importance of organizing a National
Convention of Haitian Nationals and Friends of Haiti
in Atlanta next year.

If we were already organized, do you believe we could
have prepared a measure response to Rockstar Games?
Oops! Some of you may not even know what Iím talking
about: take a look and see for yourself.

National Convention of Haitian Nationals and Friends
of Haiti in Atlanta in June
Target: (Haitian Nationals, Friends of Haiti and
Please select one/ please specify or both
Tentative dates:  Weekend of June 19, 2004 Or Weekend
of June 26, 2004
Bring your family and friends with you and explore the
newest capital of the South.

Please send an Email to Alfred at

Joseph Alfred, Educator

Haitian Community Relations, Inc
P.O. BOX 334
Smyrna, GA 30081
Tel 770-438-9796
Fax 770-438-9178
Email: hcrinfor@hcronline.org
URL: http://www.hcronline.org