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17197: Pasoleil: Re: Adding fuel to debate in France: a vote for substance

From: Pasoleil@aol.com

Dear Corbetters

I was curious to know a bit more about the etymology of the word

A debate is presently going on in France (as in certain other parts of the
world) in conjonction with the issue of retribution and reparation,
money owed to Haiti.
-and coinciding also with the issue of the Bicentennial Celebrations, also
going on -in one form or another around the world ("fetes" or deliberate -
voluntary abstention).

In this context, the term Haiti has been an object of controversy.

Would anyone want to help broaden the ideologicial-historical background
by, and wrapped around the term "HAITI".
(definitions of the word itself, historical
connotations/re-interpretations of
the Nation's name along the years if any, etc...)

Thank you,
Paulette Anne Smith, Ph. D.