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17198: Mason Re: 17195: Henri: Re: 17159: JHudicourt: Creole Bible (fwd)

From: MariLinc@aol.com


C. Henri writes [with regard to Hudicourt's statement: "I think Father Roger
Desir translated the Bible into Creole (from Hebrew I think). He is an
Episcopalian priest."]:

"You are correct. But it is old Creole -- not current. I wonder if anyone is
working on updating it..."

I would respond:

Pè Woje Dezi would be one of the first to step up to the plate to state that
he worked with many others over a period of around 35 years to produce (1) the
HC New Testament with Psalms and then (2) the HC Bible -- in the old

He, I believe (I met with him many years ago and got to know his heart),
would be one of the first to congratulate the Haitian Bible Society for bringing
the work he so diligently put into (over many, many years) the production of a
Haitian Creole Bible -- along with the work so many others also brought to
this long-term collaborative project -- FROM what Henri calls "old Creole" TO
"new Creole" (that which conforms to the Law of 1979).

To all involved in such a sustained long-term project on behalf of Haiti, I
say once again: Ayibobo!

Who says Haitians cannot work together to live out the much celebrated motto:
Many hands make light the work?


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