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17217: Lemieux: News.com aus: Human rights worse in Haiti (fwd)

From: JD Lemieux <lxhaiti@yahoo.com>

Human rights worse in Haiti: US
>From correspondents in Port-au-Prince

THE human rights situation in Haiti has "again
deteriorated" with police facing a "serious identity
crisis", according to a UN appointed expert on human rights
in the country.

Discouragement within the ranks of Haiti's national police
force is "very serious", Louis Joinet told reporters at the
end of a 12-day mission here.
Top police officials have left their jobs "scandalised and
disappointed", said Joinet who cited the case of police
officers "who believe in their job but watch helplessly on
as people are given unbelievable promotions outside of all
legal criteria".

Denouncing what he called political persecutions in the
country, he said political activists in Haiti were treated
like "terrorists" and human rights defenders as "liars".

He said human rights violators could face international

This report appears on news.com.au.

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