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17211: Saint-Vil to Burnham - No Prestige for you (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>

Thor, I think you do understand what I meant by  your “quick little move”,
when you stated that:  " Christophe and Dessalines… helped denounce
Toussaint, after which he was kidnapped and deported to France".

My english may be just a little better than that of Du Tuyau, but it seems
that in your response you gave a lot of interesting information about the
exact timing of Moise's death etc... yet offered NOTHING to substantiate
your claim that Dessalines and Christophe gave Toussaint away to the French.
Thus, you have done like Gwo Moso, Maurice Sixto’s character who yielded
interesting yet irrelevant information when asked the "Ti Sòda" asked him to
state something as simple as his name (If you meet some friends around the
Machann Fritay, don’t forget to ask them about Gwo Moso who answered the "Ti
Sòlda"... "Yo rele m Emmanuel paske m te fèt pou nwèl".

Still, my dear friend, you claim that "it wasn't meant to be a quick little
move…nor meant to detract from the treachery of the French. It was more to
shed light on how really complicated the revolution was."

Complicated indeed the struggle was ... but, come on man! Even with a little
candlelight one can see that your sentence itself is not all that
complicated. You claim that " Christophe and Dessalines...helped denounce
Toussaint, after which he was kidnapped and deported to France". And I
simply asked you to please elaborate. How, when and where did Christophe and
Dessalines denounce Toussaint? don’t you mean they helped  (or is it
coerced) the french to capture him? they betrayed him? how, when, where?

Now, I noticed how you never even mentioned who actually captured Toussaint.
Moving from Dessalines and Christophe helped denounce straight to “after
which he was kidnapped and deported to France".   Was it extra-terrestrial
forces - under pressure from evil Dessalines and Chrisophe  who took
Toussaint away to Fort de Joux where he then lived and died of old age -

Non, non , non  Thor! have some 2 goud imported Culligan, if you will, but
no Prestige for you ! bad bad bad!

«Depi nan Ginen bon nèg ap ede nèg!»