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17206: Naab: Research for distance education in Haiti (fwd)

From: Sara Naab <saranaab@hotmail.com>

Connecting the diaspora:

Hello, I'm from the University of Michigan studying how the Diaspora can be
mobilized to help Haiti. One way that the Diaspora can contribute back home
is by sharing knowledge through distance education programs. There are new
generations of students that are hungry to learn and the community abroad
has so much to offer them.

I am performing some research to understand how to build support mechanisms
to bring Diaspora knowledge back to Haiti. The experience of moving away and
or returning home is an important factor in understanding how to build a
knowledge network and I would like to hear your stories. You can participate
in a few ways. 1. go to this website to fill out an anonamous online survey
If you live outside of Haiti click here:
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=66094311077 If you live in Haiti click
here: ,http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=83327312984 2. write a brief post
about your experiences 3. contact me at snaab@umich.edu to schedule a short
anonymous interview about your experiences in living abroad, your feelings
about the Haitian diaspora and visiting back home. Thank you for your time
and help.

If you are interested in distance education in Haiti, please feel free to
contact me with ideas or opinions. All the input I can get will help create
a complete picture of what might work.  -- Also, if you have friends or
relatives that are students in Haiti, their input is especially valuable --
please forward the link to the survey for haitian residents.