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17244: Bell, Wawa lyrics wanted (fwd)

From: "Bell, Madison" <mbell@goucher.edu>

I'm looking for words for a WAWA song, Priye Ginen.  My only source is a faulty cassette and of course I am hampered by being the worst Kreyol speller in Corbettland but the passage I'm looking for goes sorta like this

Olarun Olarun -o (I'm pretty sure I'm not getting this right)
ki leu syel {unintelligible)
pa gen kote anko
pou lwa yo rete

Adye, nanpwen kote o

Olarun  (... or whatever it really is)
met dlo ak dife-a
nanpwen kote anko,
pou lwa-yo rete

figye mapou yo
yo tout fin peri o
bassin (unintelligible)
sous dlo-yo seche-o

(unintelligible phrase twice repeated)
Gras, (unintelligible) gras-o Papa
pou peyi mwen

Sorry to be so dense!  any clarification appreciated