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17248: Holmstead: AHP News - November 11, 2003 - English translation (Unofficial) (fwd)

From: John Holmstead <cyberkismet@yahoo.com>

AHP News - November 11, 2003 - English translation

Opposition supporters are again responsible for
bloodshed in Gonaïves

Gonaïves, November 11, 2003-(AHP)- The local branch of
the opposition in Gonaïves has once again caused
bloodshed in the City of Independence.

A young girl was fatally shot Tuesday during an
opposition demonstration organized by the
Anti-Aristide front composed of local representatives
of opposition parties and the Group of 184.

The opposition demonstrators led by Jean Tatoune's men
were equipped with heavy weapons.  

They ended their demonstration prematurely when a
police patrol arrived.

The opposition demonstrators had set fire Monday to
homes and vehicles of supporters of  Fanmi Lavalas in
the City of Independence.

The demonstrators had at that time said they would do
all they can to try to take power. 

The human rights organization, NCHR, indicated that it
will conduct an investigation before condemning the
violence reportedly committed by the local branch of
the opposition in Gonaïves.

AHP November 10, 2003 4:25 PM 

The Interior Minister confirms that the president of
the Group of 184, André Apaid Junior, is an American

Port-au-Prince, November 11, 2003-(AHP)- The Minister
of the Interior, Jocelerme Privert, confirmed Tuesday
that the leader of the Group of 184, André Apaid
Junior  (Andy), is a U.S. citizen. 

According to Mr. Privert, Andy Apaid is of Haitian
origin, born overseas of Haitian parents, but who made
the decision at the required age to adopt a foreign
nationality, explained Jocelerme Privert.  

Jocelerme Privert who is the minister responsible for
the Department of Immigration, said that the leader of
the Group of 184 had requested a Haitian passport from
the Haitian authorities on March 13, 2001, after his
arrival in Haiti in 1976 as an American industrialist.
At the time he requested a residence permit.

 Referring to Article 12 paragraph 1 of the Haitian
Constitution, which allows any Haitian who has taken
up residence in the country for a period of five years
the possibility of choosing to adopt the Haitian
nationality by becoming a naturalized citizen, the
Minister explained that the immigration authorities
had required that Mr. Apaid provide them his
naturalization papers and hand over his American
passport, which he continued to hold at that time.
However, Mr. Apaid failed to provide the requested
documents, said the Minister.

Nevertheless, said Mr. Privert, two years later,
Haitian immigration was served with a demand from Mr.
Apaid for immediate delivery of a Haitian passport,
and at the same time he protested the government's
delay in sending him the passport.

According to Jocelerme Privert, the case is being
studied by the office of investigations and the
Immigration Department has still not obtained
sufficient information to prove that Mr. Apaid is a
Haitian citizen, which would give him the right to
have a Haitian passport.

"As long as the leader of the group of 184 hasn't
proved that he has recovered the Haitian nationality
through an act of naturalization or has provided a
court decision as to the accuracy of the birth
certificate that he presented at the time he made his
request for a passport, he is and remains an American
citizen and can not obtain a Haitian passport", said
the Minister of the Interior.

The case of Mr. Apaid is not the only one under study
by the Immigration Department, Mr. Privert pointed
out. He also noted that this case has nothing to do
with the rally planned for November 14th by leaders of
the Group of 184.

Hundreds of women had indicated Monday during a sit-in
outside the immigration offices that a foreign
national has no right to be actively engaged in
politics in a country that is not his own.

They also accused Andy Apaid of being responsible for
the latest acts of violence carried out in the
country, notably in  Gonaïves and Cité Soleil. 

The leader of the Group of 184 who apparently is a
foreign national has been for more than a year at the
head of a campaign called the Caravan of Hope which
proposes to offer the Haitian people a new draft
social contract.

Several political leaders including Mr. Reynold
Georges have said on several occasions that the
Haitian people do not need a new social contract as
they feel that the best contract remains the
constitution that was adopted by a huge majority in

AHP November 11, 2003  12:30 PM 

André Apaid affirms that he is Haitian in every way


Port-au-Prince, November 11, 2003-(AHP)- The leader of
the Group of 184, André Apaid Junior, said Tuesday
that  he is Haitian in every way.

Mr. Apaid states that he was born in the United States
and that he is now using his 6th passport and has in
his possession a Haitian birth certificate.

He also states that he has already defended the
Haitian flag abroad as a tennis player.

For André Apaid, if the question of his foreign
nationality has been raised, it is because he is
taking a position on the country's affairs and because
he is fighting for a new social contract.

He said in addition that he conferred with the chief
of police regarding security measures to be adopted
for the rally organized by the group of 184 on the
Champ-de-Mars for Friday, November 14.

AHP November 11, 2003  5:30 PM


Deputy Simson Libérus denounces a plan being put in
place by the Group of 184 that he claims intends to
cause disorder on the Champ de Mars during his
demonstration to embarrass the government

Port-au-Prince, November 11, 2003-(AHP)- The Deputy
from the third district of Port-au-Prince, Simson
Libérus, denounced a plan Tuesday which he said was
put together by the Group of 184 to cause disorder at
the Champ de Mars during the rally planned for
November 14.

Simson Libérus appealed to the population to be
vigilant so as not to fall into the trap of

According to Simson Libérus, these people who have
contributed to the impoverishment of the masses are
seeking through every available means a confrontation
with the population.

The rally at the Champ-de-Mars is closely associated
with the report that is due to be published by the OAS
in the next few days on the situation in Haiti. The
Group of 184 political coalition is looking for new
pretexts that might enable them to avoid participating
in elections.

The Parliamentarian also criticized the fact that some
private sector workers have faced pressure from their
employers to take part in the demonstration on
November 14.  

The CICH, a member of the Group of 184, is pressuring
large businesses to give workers the day off on
November 14th in order to help make the demonstration
a success.

AHP November 11, 2003  12:10 PM 

**The Coordinator of the Group of 184 is due to appear
before the investigating judge Wednesday to testify in
connection with the acts of violence committed last
July 12 in Cité Soleil.

That violence resulted in six deaths and several
injuries among the population that was protesting
against the visit of the Group of 184's "Caravan of
Hope" to the Cité. 

The summons was issued 72 hours before the the group
of 184 is to hold a political rally on the



The U.S. Ambassador criticizes what it calls a lack of
professionalism within the PNH

Port-au-Prince, November 11, 2003-(AHP)- The United
States Ambassador to Haiti,  James Foley, spoke out
Tuesday against what he labeled as the lack of
professionalism of the Haitian National Police (PNH),
in spite of American aid.

While acknowledging the desire on the part of some
police officers to work in a professional manner, the
American diplomat asserted that there is a lack of
leadership and support training within the police

James Foley also denounced the introduction into the
police force of individuals who he according to him
were involved in criminal activity.

Amb. Foley said he is encouraging the government to
make reforms within the PNH with a view to
establishing a climate of security in the country
which he said will facilitate investment.

AHP November 11, 2003  2:25 PM

Deputy Philor Dominique is deeply concerned at the
situation of violence that is developing in Cité

Port-au-Prince, November 11, 2003-(AHP)- Philor
Dominique, President of the Commission on Police and
Security of the Lower House, declared Tuesday that he
is deeply concerned at the situation of violence that
is developing in Cité Soleil. 

According to Deputy Dominique, the commission plans to
meet again this week with the Superior Council of the
National police (CSPN) to learn about measures that
have been taken by the PNH to provide security for the
people of  Cité Soleil. 

The member of Parliament also appealed to the
residents of Cité Soleil not to play along with those
who are encouraging them to attack one another but who
really would be happy to see them be the losers.

He also criticized the sectors that, as in the case of
 the late Amiot Métayer are using the death of Wilson
Lemaire (Colibri) to try to destabilize the country to
satisfy shady interests.

Philor Dominique appealed to the police authorities to
do whatever they can to bring the acts of violence in
the Cité to an end.

AHP November 11, 2003  12:30 PM 

The Executive Director of the ISC asks the Haitian
political actors to return to the path of negotiations
to lead the country out of the impasse.

Port-au-Prince, November 11, 2003-(AHP)- Rosny
Desroches, Executive Director of the Civil Society
Initiative (ISC) asked the Haitian political actors
Monday to return to the path of negotiations to lead
the country out of the impasse.

In a statement to the press, Rosny Desroches deplored
what he called the incapacity of the political actors
to meet around a table to address Haiti's real

Rosny Desroches also asked the authors of the recent
violence to put an end to their campaign as he
reminded them that violence will never contribute to a
definitive solution to the crisis.

For its part, the Democratic Convergence stated that
it remains committed to option zero.

The political coalition declared Tuesday that it
supports the demonstration convened by the Group of
184 for Friday November 14 at the Champ-de-Mars. 

The director of the Organization of the People in
Struggle, Gérard Pierre Charles, asked opposition
supporters to take part in the demonstration as an
exercise, he said, in freedom of assembly.

According to Gérard Pierre Charles, opposition
supporters will take advantage of the occasion to
express their rejection of the current government.

Elsewhere, the Deputy from La Gonave, Gilbert
Angervil, declared Tuesday that he deplores the fact
that the Democratic Convergence continues to cling to
option zero rather than taking part in the electoral

According to Gibert Angervil, a member of the
communications commission of Fanmi Lavalas, the
Democratic  Convergence fears the next elections and
that is why it speaks only of wiping the slate clean.

In his view the leaders of the opposition lack popular
support and this prevents them from competing in the

Gilbert Angervil said he also deplores that the
Convergence wishes to take power outside
constitutional and democratic standards.

AHP November 11, 2003  1:00 PM 

Several hundred women demonstrate outside the
Immigration Department in Port-au-Prince calling for
the leader of the Group of 184 to be taken in for

Port-au-Prince, November 11, 2003-(AHP)- Several
hundred women, members of the organization named
"Movement of Radical Women", demonstrated outside the
offices of the Department of Immigration in
Port-au-Prince calling for André Apaid, the leader of
the Group of 184, to be summoned for questioning.

According to the demonstrators, André Apaid is behind
all the acts of violence that have been committed just
about everywhere in the country.

They also criticized Mr. Apaid for taking over the
leadership of several destabilization campaigns even
though he is of foreign nationality. 

The demonstrators asserted in addition that no
foreigner can claim to be able to lead the country.

However they say they recognize that all Haitians have
the right to demonstrate peacefully in the country,
but they added, no foreigner can get involved in such
an active way, in the political life of the country.

AHP November 11, 2003  10:20 AM 

Over 80% of the banana crop in the Arcahaie plain has
been struck by the black cigatoca fungus

Port-au-Prince, November 11, 2003-(AHP)- The President
of the Association of Irrigators of the Plains of
Arcahaie (AIPA), Guerrier Pierre Elick, disclosed
Monday that more than 80% of the banana plantings in
the Arcahaie Plain are stricken with black cigatoca
fungus, a disease that directly affects banana trees.

According to Mr. Pierre Elick, senior officials of the
Ministry of Agriculture have been informed of the

He said that AIPA officials have already met with the
West's Department of Agriculture, which has assigned
technicians to collect data on the fungal disease.

AIPA is calling on senior officials at the Ministry of
Agriculture to follow up after this meeting in order
to implement a solution to this scourge which is
attacking banana farms in the Arcahaie Plain.

AHP November 11, 2003  11:00 AM

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