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17256: FonPhoto: Haitian Films (fwd) Corbett adds

From: FonPhoto <fonphoto@snip.net>

Iım looking to present a Haitian film at a fund raiser next month and need
info on whatıs available.  I thought I recalled someone posting a pretty
comprehensive list of Haitian films and their distributers recently, but
apparently I didnıt end up saving it and I canıt find anything in the

If anyone has this list or a copy of the previous post Iıd appreciate if you
would forward it to me.


Dave Fonda

(When I go to the Corbett Haiti page and check the archives, I can only find
posts up to #12,000.  I think the post Iım looking for is probably around
#17,000.  If anyone can let me know how to access the last 5,000 or so, that
would get me what I need, too.)

Corbett adds:  Alas, Dave, the last 5,000 are not up on the archive and I
don't know when they will be.