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17259: Dorce: Re: 17110: Dorcilien: Re:17103 (Arthur) Group says it has weapons (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 11/3/03 5:39:42 AM Pacific Standard Time, Nod Dorcilien

>> We are suffering too much from these thugs.
I strongly agree with these guys who decide a way or
another to take some action against this nonsense. <<
I wonder if you know now how the people have felt all these years?  They are
the ones who are justified in taking action against the nonsense perpetrated
against them.  Years of abuse and degradation have STILL not made the masses
less humane than their "betters".  The actions of majority Haitian  are HUMAN in
nature, a natural reaction to their survival being threatened.  While
violence is not a good way to make change in socio-economic systems, it is
nevertheless understandable that the poor in Haiti feel they must fight to the death to
defend themselves from those who would keep them in chains or worse.  The
actions of the educated and well off (those in the Convergence) are in the main,
INHUMAN and serve only to keep hold of the goodies and position that they crave
so much.  In other words the same actions may be judged differently when
undertaken by different groups.  These two groups are not equal in strength,
despite the vast number difference.  Nor is the same thing on the line for each
group.  Survival vs Wealth and Position......need vs greed.
>>If these people are
taking such actions it is because they cannot help it
You would be right if you were referring to the PEOPLE and not those
in the Convergence.
>>and the time we are living now, we should not
put up with any dictatorship whatsoever. People are
disatisfied with your actions just get out and give
them a chance to seek someone that could understand
and work in improving their living conditions... This
country needs to reject oppressions, corruptions,
crimes "by any means necessary"<<
You do not have a dictatorship, you have a government where the opposition
refuses to serve or submit to elections.  It is not the fault of Lavalas that
the Convergence lacks the verve and intelligence to campaign and run for office
like a real candidate.  Haiti does reject oppression, corruption and crime,
but when those in power only know one way to get what they want, it is going to
take some time to correct these long-practiced wrongs.  You need to accept
that Aristide is your president, stop putting up roadblocks and get on with your
lives....make plans for the future, there is no constitutional ammendment that
will allow him to stay, so stop harping on something that does not exist.

I do not feel your pain, sorry.

Kathy Dorce~