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17265: Du Tuyau: Oh God, so much luck bad ... (fwd)

From: ViandeMoulue@aol.com

Oh God my dear good bad friends. So much luck bad for all, Convergence and Lavalas. Read what happened today on this day beautiful, when opposition is demonstration in Pótoprens.

Read read please please. Here link it is I find on internet site like this:


Text is this text small-short:

14 Nov 2003 16:26:10 GMT
Collapsing building kills four in Haiti


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Nov 14 (Reuters) - A building collapsed in a crowded marketplace in Haiti's capital, killing four people and injuring at least eight others, witnesses said on Friday.

The front section of a brick and wood building suddenly crumbled Thursday afternoon in a Port-au-Prince district full of merchants selling goods at makeshift wooden stands along the road. A crowd of about a thousand people gathered, some frantically searching for loved ones.

A bulldozer dug through the rubble and rescue teams searched for victims. Police repeatedly pushed back the crowd with plastic rods and wood planks to keep them out of harm's way in case more of the building collapsed, an officer at the site said.