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17271: LeGrace Benson: Renewed book search

From: LeGrace Benson <legrace@twcny.rr.com>

When in Haiti in August, I sent out a request to locate a copy of two
both by Msg. Jan (deceased) of the diocese of Cap Haitien.  From memory,
as the
books are no longer before me, one book was a collection of documents,
Collecta pour une histoire du Diocese du Cap, and the other was the
history of
the Diocese, which apparently made use of the documents in "Collecta..."
There were replies to the request, and my replies to the replies, all of
were blown away in the total virus attack that struck all computers tied
in any
way to Wells College, early September. We've all had that happen, so I
appreciate your forebearance. If you had a response, would you please

Reply to legrace@twcny.rr.com
or lgb27@cornell.edu