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17296: Mich: Deschappelles, Haiti - CEO / Directeur General (fwd)

From: mich@haitimed.org

SPECIFICATIONS: Directeur Général/Chief Executive Officer


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            Dr. William Larimer Mellon, Jr. and his wife, Gwen Grant
Mellon, founded Hôpital Albert Schweitzer (HAS) in Deschapelles, Haiti
in 1954 inspired by Dr. Schweitzer’s world renowned mission hospital in
Gabon.  Located in the Artibonite Valley in Central Haiti, two and one
half-hours’ drive north of Port-au-Prince, HAS was supervised by Dr. and
Mrs. Mellon until their deaths in 1989 and 2000 respectively.  The
hospital is governed today by the Board of Directors of The Grant
Foundation located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which sustains the
mission of Dr. and Mrs. Mellon and their respect for Dr. Schweitzer’s
commitment to “Reverence for Life.”

            Today, HAS is an integrated health care system providing
hospital care and community health and development programs for the
nearly 300,000 rural residents of the 610 square mile Artibonite Valley.
Situated on a multi-acre campus, the institution provides preventive and
curative health care through its 190-bed hospital and out patient
clinics. Two operating theaters, laboratories, X-ray services and
pharmacy support Medicine, Surgery and Pediatric Services.  Professional
staff includes 16 medical doctors who are primarily Haitian and a
constantly rotating group of clinical specialists and medical residents
who contribute to the overall clinical services at HAS.  The hospital
has a total of 800 employees.  Programs include a Division of Community
Health with a large staff of community outreach health agents, two
health centers in nearby communities and five dispensaries.  There is
also an integrated Division of Community Development providing
agricultural, economic, education/literacy, and water and sanitation
development outreach and support throughout the area.

            The Board now seeks a Directeur Général/CEO to assume
responsibility for the total operational management of the institution
who will reside at the hospital’s campus in Deschapelles.  Reporting to
the new Directeur Général/CEO will be the medical staff, division heads
and administrative staff.  The new Directeur Général will work
collaboratively with strategic financial management and fundraising
which are presently located in Pittsburgh.  The Directeur Général/CEO’s
responsibilities will include the management of the three divisions of
HAS, encouraging cooperative programming among them, and the management
of the campus and its self-contained infrastructure, including electric
power, water and sewage, communications and security.  The Directeur
Général/CEO will direct local efforts in community relations and public
relations, guiding effective relationships with the population whom the
hospital serves.  The Directeur Général/CEO will participate with the
Board in fundraising for the organization and will manage external
relations with governmental entities, funding agencies, HAS alumni,
donors and friends.

            The ideal candidate will already have had five years of
leadership and managerial responsibility preferably in a third world
health care and/or development institution including residence and
employment in third world cultural settings.  Experience as an
organization or institution administrator is highly desired and he or
she will have had experience in working with a Board of Directors.
Candidates will hold appropriate degrees in either medicine, public
health, business administration, hospital administration or in other
related fields. Candidates will already have language ability in French
or Haitian Creole or will have demonstrated ability and commitment to
the learning of foreign languages.  The new executive will report to the
Board of Directors.

            Candidates will have a professional background of
demonstrated institutional leadership coupled with a caring, outgoing
and engaging personality which inspires others.  Candidates will have
the desire to reflect and work toward the ethical, spiritual and
programmatic goals embodied in the HAS mission and values and in
particular Albert Schweitzer ’s principle of “Reverence for Life.”

            Compensation components for the position may be modest by
developed country and international standards although they will be
sufficiently flexible to attract and retain the exceptionally qualified
executive.  On campus housing is provided in Deschapelles.  Age and
gender are not limiting factors.  HAS and The Grant Foundation are equal
opportunity employers and the use of masculine pronouns in this or
related documents is not to be considered as a gender limitation.

            Additional information is available at the HAS website,
hashaiti.org.  Interested candidates please contact:

Charles A. Fagan III
Fagan & Company
P. O. Box 611
Ligonier, Pennsylvania 15658-0611  USA

Tel: 724-238-9571
Fax: 724-238-0888
Email:  faganco@laurelweb.net

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