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17301: Marassa: Re: 17297: Saint-Vil Re: 17283: Untouchables arrested in Haiti (fwd)

From: DeSprit Marassa <lwasauvaj@hotmail.com>

Marasta want ask Saint-Vil why he so upset we tell him some chime have
dreads? (not all, just some)

he say here:
"For, afterall, these "handsome young men", educated at American and
European universities don't have holes in the back of their pants, or in the
soles of their shoes...and what's more, they do cannot wear African hair
styles, therefore they are not "Chimè".  Entiende amigo !"

Ras Marassa see Haitian who have dreadlock every day. but Marassa know
dreadlock not necessarily mean practicing Rastafarian. In truth, very few
true Rastafarians in Haiti.  If  a few chime have dreads, it no is meaning
all chime have dreads. By the way, Marasta confuse. We is understanding that
Rastafarians are centred on Ethiopia, no Egypt and pharoahs.

Marassa want to know tambien which is worst: white South African mercenaries
paid for by private funds or U.S. ex-special forces paid for by Haitian poor
people? give us differential please

I and I

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