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17318: Dickey: FW: Haiti Trip Report -- Eye Care Mission (fwd)

From: "Dickey, Vanessa" <vdickey@SIMEUSFOODS.com>

November 13, 2003 Mansfield, Texas - Hundreds of patients received high quality eye exams at The Siméus Foundation nonprofit medical clinic in Haiti during a weeklong medical mission in October.  A U.S. team of optometrists joined by Haitian volunteers and the clinic's staff gave visual screenings, medical exams and distributed hundreds of glasses and medicine.  It was the first eye exam ever for most of the patients.  They paid the equivalent of US35¢ for the exam.

Of the hundreds of patients examined, 260 were prescribed glasses (61.7% farsighted, 16.4% nearsighted, 28.3% had astigmatism).  48 patients were diagnosed with cataracts which are common among those over the age of 40 and 17 had glaucoma.  Patients requiring surgery for cataracts or glaucoma will be treated during the ophthalmologic medical mission scheduled for February 9-13, 2004.

The U.S. team of healthcare professionals also included registered nurses, a dentist and others.  An ophthalmology team will travel to Haiti in February 2004 to operate on those patients who need surgery.

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Dr. Steven Wexler of Chicago and Dr. Juanita Day of Arlington, Texas treated hundreds of patients at The Siméus Foundation clinic last week.  One youth models his glasses while Mr. Charles Sam of the Artibonite Valley uses his glasses to read his Bible.

Other volunteers included:  Mr. Alvin Byrd, RN/BSN (Arlington, Texas), Ms. Gladys Bratton, RN (Arlington, Texas), Mr. David Dennis (Dermott, Arkansas), Dr. Nestor Donais (Dominican Republic), Rev. Edsel Duréus (Cornerstone Baptist Church, Arlington, Texas), Dr. Ernst Duréus, DDS (Jacksonville, Florida), Dr. Paul Duréus (Arlington, Texas), Mr. Wadisse Exilus (Saint-Marc, Haiti), Dr. Frantz Large, MD (Port-au-Prince, Haiti), and Ms. Kimberly Siméus (Dallas, Texas).

A special note of appreciation to Dr. Mildred Olivier for her loan of special equipment needed for the mission.  The Siméus Foundation extends thanks to Alcon Laboratories, Inc., Dr. Richard Driscoll, Dr. John Pippin, and the many individuals who donated medicines and supplies for this mission.

Vanessa Dickey, Executive Director, vdickey@simeusfoundation.org or 817-473-5246