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17329: Du Tuyau: last battle won (fwd)

From: ViandeMoulue@aol.com

Hello every body,

How are you today? I know I somber little bit. Maybe it's the outside on the streets. Rain in one part of country United-States-Great-States; clouds in other part of same country; and so, I no see well because my eyes get old like me fast fast fast.

But today somber too because today remembering with sadness and happiness the last battle won Haitian people won on field for battle, beating the nice army Napoleon vant deboutonnen - à plat couture - seriously nice beating. After that day, we all lose all battles. Two small examples of wont-shame losing we register historic:

-the Luders Affair,
-The Trujillo "perejil".

So 200 years ago anyway, we beat somebody BIG, bad bad bad. But we beat somebody big-BIG because we fighting together for one common cause. I no singing today like Michael Jackson-we are-the-world-we-are-the-children. But, but...

Today should be a day of reflexive reflection for you, me, my girlfriend, my friend moun fou all of them, and all people Haitian and Haitian friends. But today no fortunately, we fighting for pouvwa-power because we love LOVE the big nice smooth comfortable chair presidential. So because I hope today is day for everybody we all together people, I call today, the day that all Haitians are prezidan-president for one day. That way, we can celebrate today together and maybe we learn we can win and move country Haiti toward modernity.

So today, everybody I know Haitian is prezidan. PRE-ZI-DAN. So look in little and big heart and soul, and imagination how Haiti could be wonderfully ahead if we learned to think as a nation. But for me little problem. I have dada little, derrière so flat I can no sit in no chair. So I pass. No, ... I fail because I prefer my cooking salad, rice and beans. But all of you today are president, but Du Tuyau.

To make you guys more happier, we put Titid on other small chair to watch how all of us prezidan for today sit in chair president. Nice, nice, and stuffy.

(Aristide, I give you break today president. Go enjoy Port-à-Piment, okay!! Okay, okay!!)

Oh November 18, 2003, let's think for one day one time with the brain.