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17338: May Jay: More on Haitian birds

From: Jepiem@aol.com

>From reading all of the posts generated by the simple question about
colibri, I
came to the following conclusions.
a) the name colibri is used by different cultures differently.
b) there is definitely a blue bird in Haiti called colibri that does not
hum at
c)some species of birds are becoming rarer and rarer in Haiti. Some of
them may
even have been extinct in the last few years considering the state of
devastation of the environment in Haiti and the uncontrolled use of
even those banned in the states like DDT.
d)for the person who mentionned tourterelles in her response, tourterelle
in my
knowledge is not the dove, the dove is the so called ramier, a bit bigger
the tourterelle. You see both kinds in Miami and they are quite common.
e) There is quite a bit of interest in the haitian environment and its
at least among list members
Based on these observations and assuming they are correct, is there any
way we
could join our whatever ressources we could provide and link up
groups in Haiti to help preserve what can be preserved?
Math Jay