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17340: Renaud: Re: 17323: (Chamberlain) Kolibri discussion

From: GuyetSueR@aol.com

  From Guy Renaud,  guyetsuer@aol.com

  We have lived in Pacot for the past six years and for five years I have
feeding those little aggressive beasts called colibri, oiseau-mouche,
or humming birds, the "big" ones with orange tail feathers and the small
ones. They don't seem to mind people at all. I can stand right next to the
feeder and they come anyway, sometimes flying around my face as if
what I am. Anyway, they seem abundant here in Port-au-Prince.
  On the more important subject of deforestation, I have been trying to
some big Canadian companies interested in the seeding of trees in the
of Ayiti, under the Kyoto Protocol that Canada has signed. If any of you
bright ideas on this subject, please let me know.