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17342: Kathleen: Re: 17336: RenmenAyiti: RE: 17313: Dailey: 17302 Holmstead- How to rig a Haitian Election (fwd)

From: Kathleen <kathleenmb@adelphia.net>

Dear Jacques:

You tie into the dejection I have been feeling all day.  As much as I would
like to see a solution, I don't.  I even envy the people (briefly) who feel
that the problems would just go away if everyone would close their eyes and
have faith in the current government.  There certainly isn't a substitute
handy.  I wish someone would come up with a real solution. Maybe one is
evolving and I just can't see it.  The projects that showed such promise (to
me) in 99 and 00 are currently defunct.

Kathleen Burke