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17356: White: Greening of Peace in Vertieres 2004 (fwd)

From: Randall White <raw@igc.org>

Sometimes a little cut and paste will help clear things up...

"The town of Cap-Haitien was decorated with the Haitian flag and with
banners that read, "Honor for the Battle of Vertieres; restitution for
Haiti," and "The battle continues, 1803, 2003."
     There had been much concern that the event could turn violent. In
fact, the war commemoration was the first major public gathering in Haiti
in months that was peaceful from beginning to end.
     Several protests in recent months have been marred by clashes between
pro- and anti-government demonstrators."
                                             -Amy Bracken - CAP-HAITIEN, Haiti,
Nov. 18 (Reuters)

 "Absent were ambassadors from France, the United States and the European
Union, who stayed away to protest the government's failure to stop Aristide
partisans from blocking a demonstration in the capital on Friday by civic
groups demanding government reforms."

                                               -PAISLEY DODDS - CAP-HAITIEN, Nov
18 (AP)

...at least that's how I would have reported it.