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17358: Kathleen: "third invasion (of Haiti) by U.S." (fwd)

From: Kathleen <kathleenmb@adelphia.net>

Dear list members:
    Can anyone help me out here?
    In the last paragraph of John Holmstead's forward of Ms. Dodd's AP article, she refers to the above.
    One, 1914-1933.
    Two:  ?
    Three: 1994, arguably an intervention rather than invasion.
    I'm concerned, because the way media players pick up catchy phrases, we could have:
    One, an overlooked invasion.
    Two, another "defrocked priest" event in the media.
    By the way, it's easy for anyone to make a numerical or narrative mistake; we've all done it.  I'm not sure, for example, if I have spelled her name correctly, and if mistaken, I'm sorry.  I'm not bashing Dodds, just asking for hard data.
Mesi davans,
Kathleen Burke