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17362: Jay: trees

From: Jepiem@aol.com

I also remember the long time gone era when if you were hacking a tree
with an
ax or a machete, you were always fearful that the distinctive noise would
attract a sentry who would haul you to jail if you didn't have a permit
the government. Granted this was a rude form of control because there was
really no provision for answering the need of that tree cutter, at least
showed some concern for the environment. All that disappeared, under
because then all you needed as a permit was to belong to the tonton
paramilitary gang and a lot of poor people and peasants did join just for
survival or through mere coercion. Now there is no form of control that I
of. When will Haiti be ready for a government of reform capable of
starting the
march towards setting the needed institutions back in place? That is a
rethorical question, but it's worth pondering by those on the scene and
those capable of influencing the process.
Math Jay